Collectable coloured mugs.

Take a drink or display them or both.

Top quality coloured mugs with photos taken by JBL celebrating the best of the COUNTRYSIDE . I can put your name on the mug and or a message. I may also be able to use your own photo - send me what you have and I will see if i can edit it to fit the mug. Just le me know which image you would like to appear on your mug and what name/inscription you want printed on it please.

Get the day started with a drink of your usual beverage from your chosen mug or display them in pride of place where everyone can see them.

There are 5 colours (red, yellow, pink, dark blue and black) but you may also choose white if you wish. The same colour appears on the inside and the handle of the mug. They are microwave and dishwasher safe but I would wash them by hand with a mild detergent and with NO BLEACH to keep the photos bright.

Each mug is 3.75inches (9.4cm) tall and holds 330ml (11oz). 


Choose from red, pink, black, yellow and dark blue. (you may also have white if you wish)

See the full range

See what is currently prnted and get an idea of what is possible by going to:

YOU CAN CHOOSE THE IMAGE YOU WOULD LIKE PRINTED ON THE MUG. Just let me know what your requirements are please.


COLLECTAMUGGLES aren’t cheap but they are good value for a great quality product that celebrates our wonderful countryside. Take a look over the natural world of scenery plants and animals in your assembly of memorable COLLECTAMUGGLE coloured countryside mugs personalised to your requirements.

Collectamuggles......................£23 each (or £17.00 when pre ordered)

I send away to get the mugs printed to ensure top quality a product. Orders are usually sent away every four or five weeks. Please make enquires to go on the waiting list.

HOW TO ORDER Message me on here or email me at to let me know what you require. Please include a telephone number so that I can contact you if needed.

PAYMENT When I have your order I will send you a link to pay by PayPal. If you wish to pay by another method please let me know. Once payment is received I will send your print job off to the printers at the next available order batch.

ENQUIRES Leave a message on here or email me at I will reply as soon as possible. If you let me have your phone number I can reply even faster and have a one to one conversation with you. Would you like any specific collections made? Let me know if you do please.