Time to order your UNIQUE birthday calendar.

Pre order your UNIQUE Desk Top 12 month  BIRTHDAY Calendar now!!

Starts at your birthday month and runs for 12 months-so if your birthday is in March then the calendar will run from March to the February of next year and so on.

Measuring 10"long x 5" wide (25cm x 13cm) each calendar sits nicely on top of your desk, table, mantel piece, window sill or bedside table. It is spiral bound so at the end of each month just flick the old month over to reveal the new picture and calendar for the month ahead. All photographs are originals taken by JBL and the quality is of the usual excellent JBL standard.

YOU CHOOSE WHICH PHOTOS YOU WANT ON or if you prefer you can leave it to me to choose them for you. (Just give me the name of the page you want them chosen from.)No 2 calendars will be alike-unless you want them to be identical of course. Choose photos from my website OR if you have some good quality ones of your own you can send me them via email and I will put them on (JPEG format please).

Standard price is £30 each plus p&p but GET YOURS BY PRE ORDERING AT THE DISCOUNT PRICE of only £25 including P&P or buy two for £40 (again P&P are included)

P&P applies to UK only and phone call to main land only. If you are enquiring from abroad please give me details of where you need it to be sent to and I will let you know how much the postage will be.

Have your name (or the recipients name if you are buying it as a present) printed on the front of the calendar.

For example you could have this:


on the 1st April 2021

with Love and Best Wishes from WILMA FLINTSTONE

Your uniquely special Fabulous Flowers Birthday Calendar

or you can decide on another message of your choice to go on the front.

This image gives you an idea of the layout. You can choose any message to go on the front

Decide which type of photos you require for your unique calendar. You can choose photos from any page on the website (especially the Daily Photos for each month)

Pick 13, one for each month and one for the front.

Let me know who it is for, their birthday date and your name so I can get the print ready for the front of the calendar. (And/or any special message you want for the front). (Send me an email with the details OR ask me to call you so you can tell me over the phone)

email me at tractortreasures@yahoo.com or 


When you email please let me have your phone number so I can ring to sort out any problems or take your photo numbers etc.) I will send you an invoice for the amount due to your email. You can pay by PayPal or we can discuss otherways to make payment. I send off to the printers when I have enough orders and post them off to you as soon as I recieve them . Pre order now to make sure you get them in time for Christmas.