Country Animals

The Highland Breed

“The highland breed of cattle has a long and distinguished ancestry, not only in its homeland of western Scotland, but also in many far-flung parts of the world. One of Britain's oldest, most distinctive, and best known breeds, with a long, thick, flowing coat of rich hair and majestic sweeping horns, the Highlander has remained largely unchanged over the centuries.”


An extract from the Highland cattle Societies website.

The English Longhorn

The English Longhorn


“English Longhorns (also known as Longhorns) are not related to the American or Texas Longhorn whose ancestors came from Spain. They do have a long and fascinating history linked to that of the great livestock pioneer of the 1700's, Robert Bakewell of Dishley.

The English Longhorn originated from the northern counties of England, it was used as a draught animal and its milk was used for butter and cheese. The creamy white horns were treasured by manufacturers of buttons, cups, cutlery and lamps. Fine slivers of clear horn were a poor mans' glass and many a household were grateful for the end product of these elegant long horns.”


An extract from ‘The Cattle Site’ website

Sheep in Britain.

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